Reduce, Reuse, Recycle... Your Tins

It’s time for spring cleaning. Maybe you’ve already done it, maybe it’s still on your to-do list.
Your Bite Society goods have long since been devoured and now you’re fondly admiring the tins sitting on your kitchen counter. Now what?
We know you’re not thinking about throwing them out. You’re probably hoping they’ll somehow refill with the savory snacks they once housed (or you housed).
Here’s a simple, easy way to repurpose Bite Society tins while also bringing some brilliance, greens and plants into your life. Turn your tins into a flower or herb garden for your patio or balcony. Tis’ the season.
Plan this activity with your kids, your grandkids, the kids you nanny, or enjoy a relaxing activity for yourself and get outside.
Here are 4 easy steps to take your tin from emptiness to plant-loving brilliance.
1. To start, gather your empty Bite Society tins and get yourself a small collection of flowers or herbs (from seed or seedlings). We chose both flowers and herbs for variation. To make things even easier, do your plant-collecting in your Bite Society multi-purpose, reusable felt basket.
2. Find an outdoor space to use as your workstation. Lay out your plants and tins and decide which plant will make each tin looks its best.
3. Using whatever tools are available to you (a small spade, a spoon from your kitchen, your hands, etc.), remove the plant from its temporary pot carefully keeping its dirt and roots together, and transplant into your tin of choice. Repeat this step until you’ve successfully planted each tin with herbs or flowers.
4. Add some water to your newly planted tin garden, arrange them on your well-sunlit kitchen counter or in your outdoor oasis and enjoy the pop of color from your repurposed tins. 

Voila. Now you can continue to enjoy your tins and breathe easier knowing you’ve done your part. Don’t be the jabroni throwing recyclable materials into the trash. Bite Society packaging is meant to be reused and repurposed and while you will be longing for more  Kennebec Potato Chips, Bob’s Spicy Nut Snack or Furikake Mix, planting in your tins offers a new way to enjoy some snacks.

If you upcycle your tins, we want to see! Show us what they look like in their newly redeemed glory from gourmet snack vessels to ever-present reminders of the deliciousness you once had. Tag us on Instagram  @hellobitesociety or #hellobitesociety and show us your masterpiece.


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