Merry Janumas!

Happy Janumas!

At my house, we celebrate Janumas. There is no specific day for Janumas. It has to be declared and agreed upon in November, and it can occasionally turn into Februmas. While many of you are celebrating the most wonderful time of the year, Katy and I have been in the business of making that most wonderful time happen.

Early in our relationship, I said that words that may have sealed the deal, “Can we agree to do Christmas in January?”.  While I have some pretty worthy qualities, my flexibility on celebrating Christmas might be number one.

We don’t always celebrate Janumas. Back in the catering days, we were sometimes done by December 19th. Plenty of time to make the season bright, but many years were right up to end of the month…hence, Janumas!


Katy during janumas

(Photo of Katy with her Janumas gifts a few years ago)

What is the traditional meal of Janumas, you ask? Reubens. Delicious, overstuffed Reubens. What is the wrapping paper? It is frequently pink and red and covered with Valentine’s hearts. There is also a secondary tradition we call “dramatic unveiling”. Skip the wrapping paper, give a little speech about why you selected the present you are holding behind your back, and sing a little song…Dramatic unveiling, dramatic unveiling, dramactic, dramatic, DRAMATIC UNVEILING!”.  Hey, I didn’t say it was a good song, but it does save time and paper.

If you are still feeling the holiday love in January, we got you. Just let us know it is for Janumas, and we will get that right out.


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