Every gift you send includes a message card with your personal message. This is one of our favorite things at Bite Society. Once you select a basket, personalize your message and take your pick from our wide selection of card designs. We’ll make sure that bad boy gets written and included with your gift. Don’t forget to sign it! (If it’s anonymous from a secret admirer, let us know.) 

We used to be caterers - majority or our items are recipes straight from our very own kitchen. After A LOT of tasting, we’ve also sourced some pretty tasty morsels from some other snack makers that pass the test to include in some of our baskets. 

Yes, we have a Very Vegan basket and all products included are… vegan. We also have gluten free and dairy free products available. More options coming soon! 

Yes, but only if you post a photo and tag us on social media… no matter where that tattoo is placed!

Reuse and recycle! Most Bite Society packaging can be recycled (jars, boxes. Checkur local recycling guidelines. For those badass baskets and tins, they’re meant to be reused around the house. Plant an herb garden using our tins, pack a picnic, tote groceries or organize your closet with our baskets – the list is endless! However you reuse your packaging, we want to see! Snap a picture and tag us or DM us on Instagram (@hellobitesociety) with the photo.

Hell yes we are!

We can absolutely help you and would love to chat more. Email customersupport@hellobitesociety.com or call 206-487-6249.

Check your email. Once your order is shipped, you will automatically receive an email with the shipping tracking number.

You bet. If you’re local to the Seattle area, once you finish your shopping, type in your area code to estimate shipping in the shopping cart and select the “Pickup in Store” option before proceeding to checkout. In-store pickup is free with an added bonus of meeting us in person (safely, with social distancing!). 

Absolutely. Click “ship to multiple addresses” after you initiate the checkout process. For large orders (20+ gifts) shipping to multiple locations, please contact customersupport@hellobitesociety.com or 206-487-6249 for assistance.

We sure do. Once you enter in your shipping location details in your cart, you'll see the FedEx Express options available depending on the delivery address. Express orders that require immediate shipment must be placed by noon (12:00pm PT) Monday through Friday to process the same day. Orders placed after 12:00pm PT will ship the next business day. Express orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will ship on the next business day. FedEx express shipping will not deliver to a PO Box. The recipient's primary street address must be provided.

We use UPS and USPS for shipping and offer a couple options from each carrier at checkout.

Your order will ship from Seattle, WA, zip code 98109. When your order ships, you'll receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking link included.

If you are local to Washington State, live in the the Idaho pan handle, or down in the Portland, OR area, choose ground shipping. Anything near us, ships ground no matter what you choose. We can ship it Next Day Air, and they will still send it Ground. Unless you are very rural or something went wrong, it generally gets to its destination next day.

We find UPS to be the far superior option for reliability on quote times. Sadly... USPS ain't what she used to be for delivery.

The only option that guarantees delivery on-time is UPS Next Day Air. We are hoping they start guaranteeing 2nd day again, but it has been without guarantee since Covid. That being said, we generally see about 96% success rate on UPS meeting their quoted time.

In the event of bad weather, natural disasters, and other uncontrollable events that may affect shipping services, your shipment may be delayed. We do our best to make sure your shipment delivers on time but once it leaves our warehouse, we are all dependent on the shipping carrier doing what they said they would do.

Sorry, we're not responsible for carrier delays or lost or stolen items. 

A gift card is included with every gift. If the sender hasn’t included a name and you need help identifying who sent your gift, please contact customersupport@hellobitesociety.com or call 206-487-6249 for assistance. We’ll quickly out your secret admirer.

We strongly encourage you to ship to a business or residence verses a PO Box. We see about 10-15% return on PO Box shipments due to non-pickup by recipients.

Remember you are shipping food. Sometimes highly perishable food in a cooler. Please, please, please let your recipient know that a package is coming to them that has a ticking clock.

Additionally, only USPS will deliver to a PO Box (UPS is not allowed to deliver to them). The medium and large baskets are quite expensive to ship USPS -- sometimes double the rate of UPS.

We cannot be responsible for packages that are not retrieved from PO Boxes. If they come back to us (they sadly do), we will do our best to work out a plan with you on how to get the goodies back out.

Pick UPS if at all possible. I love USPS -- I have a post office belt buckle that I love to wear. I want them to return to glory. Since a certain post-master got put in place, we have seen increasing problems with deliveries and absolutely no recourse to get help. We debated pulling them from the site as a shipping option. The problem is that they are the only option for some addresses.

UPS had been wonderful for the last year. They have a 96% on-time delivery rate for us. We also can get assistance when things go wrong.



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