We’re Bite Society. Think gift baskets, but cool

Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifting

Top 10 Reasons to Send a Bite Society Basket to Clients and Employees


  1. Bite Society is original, and so are you.
  1. Corporate discounts. Wanna send a lot? We can do it for less.
  1. Customize your basket! Call us at 206.487.6249. We got you.
  1. Food is the number one gifted item in America. People love to eat.
  1. Need to shake your slightly stodgy reputation? We can help.
  1. We give you something to talk about. Need an ice breaker? How was the Orange-Fennel cookie? How did you like the nun’s mustard?
  1. People LOVE surprises. See nun’s mustard.
  1. Our basket, your message, and your custom card.
  1. Be memorable: Flash tattoo packaging and good food.
  1. It’s the unboxing.


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