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Think Gift Baskets, But Cool!
GFB. It's A BFD. (Gluten Free)
GFB. It's A BFD. (Gluten Free)
GFB. It's A BFD. (Gluten Free)

GFB. It's A BFD. (Gluten Free)


Our gluten free basket is a big ………. deal, just like your gluten free loved ones. Life is a little less fun when you can’t eat everything in your gift basket, so we made sure that your GFBFF can eat it all, because this basket is gluten free.

This GFB has treats from when the sun comes up until they sneak a few chocolate snacks before bedtime. Start the day with Kiyomi’s Granola and our Rise and Shine Sumatran Coffee, snack all day on Kennebec Truffled Potato Chips, Bob’s Spicy Nut Snack, Dilly Beans, Chile Carrots and Carmona Olives. Finish the evening with a trio of sweets: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, Dark Chocolate Almonds, and Peach Buds.


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