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Dilly Queens and Bathtub Beans

Posted by Lendy Hensley on

Sometimes I google when I should be doing other things. You know, work things. I am thinking about green beans, and the fact that they are going to arrive in the kitchen on Friday from Imperial’s Garden Farms, and we are about to go full-on Dilly with the first crop of fresh Northwest Green Beans. I get a little curious about the history of Dilly Beans, and then I see the headline: Dilly Queens.

Thirty minutes later, I am buying a subscription to the New Yorker so I can read an article from July 2, 1960.

Apparently, two school teachers, Sonya Hagna and Jacquelyn Park, who were born on the same day in 1934 and coincidentally met at Columbia University in 1952, fell in love (oops, I may have made that up). They got an apartment together and got busy… making Dilly Beans. The recipe belonged to Ms. Hagna’s mother, and the duo started making Dilly Beans in their bathtub, with the assistance of their students, whom they paid with a nightly dance party.

The girls moved from Jersey to DC figuring that if they could sell them in Washington, there'd be no stopping their Dilly Beans. (Cue the Dillytini with a pickled green bean swizzle stick, and the rest is food history.) For those of you who are dorks like us, here is a connection to the original articles. Unfortunately, the Dilly Queens seem to have disappeared after their initial success. If you happen to be sitting at work doing the googling thing, let us know what you find.

Bob, our Dilly King, asked that I make this clear: we don’t make our Dilly Beans in a bathtub. We save that for the gin.

Check out the link to the Times article here: https://timesmachine.nytimes.com/timesmachine/1960/03/04/issue.html


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The Dad Who Likes To Cook

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For those of you who read my Mama Bear blog post know that I am a mother of two beautiful girls, and that being a mama is a role that I have wanted ever since I was 12. When it came to parenting for my husband however, he had a very serious decision to make. On official date number two, a lovely dinner at The Pink Door in Seattle, I laid it all out for him. I told him that I wanted to be married, I wanted to adopt a child, and that I also wanted to have a biological child, and if that didn’t work for him, this probably be our last romantic evening out. We were having a lovely dinner at The Pink Door in Seattle. I literally saw him choke down a bite of lasagna. (Side note: one person at a sitting must always order the Lasagna Pink Door, even if it’s for dessert, it’s that good.) He recovered fairly quickly and basically said that I’d given him a lot to think about.
I don’t think he thought long, because we had already made plans for another date at the conclusion of The Pink Door date. Allan was 36 years old when we met. Years later he told me that he had pretty much given up the thought of being married and having children until he met me. Now that we have children, thinking that he had nearly missed the opportunity to be a father brings a tear to my eye. Allan is such an amazing father to our girls, I can’t imagine him going through life without that experience.
It’s Allan the girls go to when they need something fixed, need help with their iPad, want to play outside, or when they are hungry. Allan is the chef in our house. He loves his grill, and he seems to have a competition with himself to grill multiple species at a time. Our meals regularly consist of halibut, salmon, and steak. A jar of Salsa Macha and Pepperish are always by his side. Aside from the cookies and Lavender Earl Grey tea (yes, my husband loves tea, don’t judge), those are his two favorite Bite Society products.
Cookies. Allan lives for cookies, especially Oreos. I knew we were on to something good when he first sampled our seasonal Peppermint Crunch cookie. His response was, “I would give up Oreos for these”. From him, that was huge! Our girls know to go to him for treats and dessert, so we created the Sugar Daddy gift basket with him in mind. You will find something for any father in this sweet basket, and lots of treats for the kids.
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My Dad, the Grill Master

Posted by Lendy Hensley on

The year was 1970, and the gift was a CueCart bbq. My father’s birthday fell on or near Father’s day for all of his days as a father, so he was a regular recipient of the combination gift. With my mother’s help, we went big. I don’t really know where the inspiration came from, but with three kids and about 8,155 meals under her belt, my mom was ready for some assistance with dinner making.
My dad started grilling burgers and, occasionally, steaks every Friday night. Then he added grilled corn and soon there was no vegetable that could not be cooked on the CueCart. There was endless conversation about indirect heat, direct heat, the position of the coals, and the virtuoso that was the CueCart. Eventually, nearly an entire meal could be made on our patio. He could control the CueCart temperature as easily as an oven!
The CueCart eventually succumbed to the weather and a gas tank, but my dad remained a grill master for life. He added smoke to the mix and scared more than one dinner guest with a charred turkey that tasted far better than it looked. I am pretty sure he would laugh at our giant steaks, and pretty quickly get down to the business of cooking them. Direct for the first 5 minutes, indirect until they were at 105, back to direct for 5 degrees before they were ready to rest. All things are possible with the right steak and the right grill dad.
At Bite Society, we’re here to take care of Dad.
If steak is his thing or snacks are his thing, here are some of our favorite things for the dad who's hungry (yeah we know… that's every dad).


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How To Cook The Perfect Father's Day Steak

Posted by Lendy Hensley on

With Father's Day just around the corner, Bite Society's Chef, Bob, shares how to cook the perfect Delmonico steak in the following video.


Whether you're doing the cooking, or Dad's doing the grilling, Father's Day weekend doesn't happen without food. If you try this at home with your steaks, let us know! Tag us on Instagram @hellobitesociety #hellobitesociety.

Steaks featured in this video can be found in our Dad Deserves Giant Steaks on the Grill basket.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle... Your Tins

Posted by Lendy Hensley on

It’s time for spring cleaning. Maybe you’ve already done it, maybe it’s still on your to-do list. Your Bite Society goods have long since been devoured and now you’re fondly admiring the tins sitting on your kitchen counter. Now what? We know you’re not thinking about throwing them out. You’re probably hoping they’ll 
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