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At Bite Society, Admin is just Another Name for Jessica

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National Admin is April 27th. How do you plan to thank your invaluable admin? We have some ideas for you…let’s start with a basket of delicious treats and add a card that expresses your gratitude for having your ass saved on a daily basis. We got you. Give us a call: 206. 487.6249.



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VEGAN CRUNK BLOG: Bite Society Vegan Basket

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Product Review: Bite Society Baskets!
I love a good gift basket. Seriously — is there anything more enjoyable than digging through a basket filled with edible goodies? I also love good packaging; anything well-designed and reusable gets a big thumbs-up from me. Bite Society recently sent me a basket of their vegan products to review. They're all Seattle-made products, and they're packaged in reusable tins and jars with cute Americana flash tattoo art. Bonus: The company is LGBTQ and woman-owned. The day this gift basket arrived was a very good day.
There were a few products on top of the wooden basket filler shaving (which, by the way, we saved to use as kindling for our fire pit), and the rest were tucked safely underneath. I just kept pulling out surprise after surprise!
I was VERY excited to find these Kennebec Potato Truffled Chips. I'm obsessed with truffle everything! Plus, how cute is this tin?
Inside were these beauties. They are so truffle-y, possibly the tastiest chips I've ever had. Bonus: Because they were stored in a tin and not a bag, there were very few broken chips. They were so big and intact. Amazing. All chips should come in tins.
Another cute tin held Bob's Nuts, a curried sweet-and-spicy nut mix with pecans, cashews, filberts, pepitas, and sesame seeds.
This stuff is like crack. Once I dig my grubby little hands in, I cannot stop. 
There were jars of Pepperish and Salsa Macha. The Pepperish is a pickled mix of bell peppers and onions, and it has been taking my sandwiches to the next level. I added some to a tofu and vegan cheese sammy for lunch today!
The Salsa Macha is magic. Pure and true. It's a mix of chilis, garlic, fried onions, and pepitas, and it belongs on everything. 
Like on hummus crackers! Pepperish is great with hummus too.
And in peanut sauce! I mixed some Salsa Macha with peanut butter and Bragg's to make a tasty peanut sauce for a tofu/kale/farro bowl. It would also be perfect for adding to sauteed kale (or any greens). They also recommend putting it on ice cream, but that's a nope from me. Ha!
The basket also included FOUR JARS of pickles — Fennel, Chile Carrots, Dilly Beans, and Red O's (onions). I am not the biggest fennel fan, but I really liked the pickled fennel. The sweet pickle brine takes away some of that strong anise flavor I don't love. The Red O's have been an awesome addition to salads.
And I've been enjoying the Dilly Beans on their own as a little snack. They're crisp and tangy!
I added the Chile Carrots to some tacos one day, and that was awesome. But I really love them on salads.
There was also Kiyomi's Granola, a crunchy handmade granola of oats, pumpkin seeds, millet seeds, and rice krispies. I've been enjoying this with plant milk and as a topping for chopped banana and berries.
I love the Up & At 'Em Tulsi Spice Tea! It's a loose, herbal blend with tulsi, lemon myrtle, peppermint, and ginger, so it's great for an afternoon pick-me-up without caffeine. Love caffeine, but I try to avoid it after noon. They even included a tea ball in the basket!
And look at these fun coasters and sticker!
Bite Society offers gift baskets and subscriptions, or you can purchase products a la carte in their food hall. Not all of the products are vegan, so I'd recommend reading the ingredients, but they do clearly mark when items contain allergens, like milk. I will certainly be re-upping on those truffle chips and nuts when I run out!
Written by @biancaphilips
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UnBought and UnBossed

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For Women’s Month, Jessica asked me to think about women who have influenced me or who I have admired. There are so many women that come to mind, from my own mother to my current colleagues and friends. At that same time, Us women-folk make up half of the population, so finding someone to admire isn’t incredibly difficult. Her question got me thinking back to my childhood and two women who shared infamy for me and many others in the early 1970’s.

In 1972, Billie Jean King was ranked #1 in women’s tennis and Shirley Chisholm ran for president. The next year Billie Jean was challenged to play a tennis match by a loud-mouthed self-described sexist named Bobby Riggs. When I think about 9-year-old me, I instantly imagine both of them as women I aspired to be. Shirley Chisholm’s unwavering belief in empowering people and Billie Jean King’s speed and power on the court. They were blazing different trails while changing the notion of what a woman could do.

I was the only person in my house who took Shirley Chisholm seriously. I knew she was climbing uphill in her run for president. But she was clearly too determined, smart and serious to be a joke. Shirley Chisholm for President of the United States. She was thwarted at every turn, and yet she persisted. Only allowed onstage for one debate, she still kept going.  I quietly perked up when I heard her name on the news and Shirley Chisholm for President of the United States was filed away in my brain under possibility.


The next year, Billie Jean played Bobby Riggs in what was promoted as “The Battle of the Sexes”. It was a hot topic in our house. My mother was not a fan of my tennis idol. I think she may have seen some similarities between her daughter and the not-yet-out-of-the-closet tennis star. My father, on the other hand, loved her. He also understood the limitations of Bobby’s 55-year-old body, and declared: “She’s gonna kill him.” Billie Jean didn’t actually kill him… but she did win along with what I later realized was the weight of every nine-year-old little girl in America on her shoulders.

Thinking back to my idols, I could have written about Julia Child or any women of the kitchen who I admire, but these two inspired me before I ever hit the kitchen. Shirley and Billie Jean had a kind of determination I had not seen played out in public.  Shirley and Billie Jean pop up in my thoughts quite often. I am awed by their perseverance and resilience. So, from this former nine-year-old to Shirley Chisholm and Billie Jean King, I say thank you for being the bad asses who showed me the way. Happy Women’s History Month.


PS. Women’s Month is every month at Bite Society!

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The Unexpected Thank You

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Yesterday, we stopped by our UPS processing center to drop off a Thank You So Very Much basket from Bite Society. While UPS is HUGE, and we are small, at the busiest time of the year they treated us as if we were their largest customer. Every driver, every person in their North Station answered our questions and requests with helpfulness. They crushed it.

When Katy walked into UPS with our lion logo shipping box filled with a gift basket the woman at the desk was a little perplexed.

“You don’t want to send this anywhere?”

Katy, “Nope. It’s for you.”

“So, we aren’t shipping it?”

Katy, “Nope. It is for you and your office."

In that moment, we experienced the thrill of delivering an unexpected thank you. We are about 98% certain that this had not happened before. We may not have made her day, but we definitely made her day better, and it feels good to reward the people who have worked so hard on your behalf.

President George HW Bush was a legendary thanker. If invited for dinner, he sent a handwritten follow up of thanks for being a guest. Famously, he wrote to Frito Lay, his “sincere thanks for all those pork rinds.” He understood the power of an unexpected thank you.

At Bite Society, we have been thinking a lot about thank yous lately. We talk daily about our own gratitude to all of you who ordered at the holiday season. You made a difference. We love what we do. We eat all of our products, we send our baskets to friends, family, and UPS. We love it, but the whole business thing means that we kind of need you to love it…and you did.

You went with the little guys, who in this case are gals, and your efforts were felt. We sent out a shocking number of baskets every day in December, and even into January. So, if we don’t get to you via a thank you note, or call, or a message in the sky, know that you made a difference. 

To those who have ordered from us, posted about us, passed us along to a friend, or just thought, “Hey, that’s cool” we say thank you.





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Choose from over 25 Bite Society greeting cards!

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