At Bite Society, Admin is just Another Name for Jessica

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National Admin Day is April 27th. First, why April 27th? Here is what I could find on Wikipedia:

During World War II, there was a shortage of skilled administrative personnel in the United States due to Depression-era birth-rate decline and booming post-war business.[10] The National Secretaries Association, founded in 1942, was formed to recognize the contributions of administrative personnel to the economy, support their personal development, and to help attract workers to the administrative field.

So, some guys realized that the nice lady at the desk who did a boatload of their work, were missing. Was it something they said? Something they didn’t say? To fix it, they decided that they should form an organization and create a holiday.

I feel certain that the folks who founded Secretaries Day would not recognize the Admin of today. At Bite Society, Admin is just another name for social media manager, email marketer,  account manager, Instant message answerer, bite taster, and Jessica. I used to call a position like this Jack, but at some point explaining the origins of jack of all trades got a little old, so we went with admin.  For us this position is one thing while for others it means maintaining the smooth functioning of a group or even one person.


At Bite Society we define Admin as:

Admin (pronounced Jessica): Person willing to learn any skill, figure out any problem, and tackle any task with good humor, smarts, and savvy. This person (Jessica) is also able to give the prospective of a generation of “younger people” to those of us who might be “older people”.

 admin professionals day gift baskets, jessica our admin with our tattoo themed loose leaf tea

How do you plan to thank your invaluable admin? We have some ideas for you…let’s start with a basket of delicious treats and add a card that expresses your gratitude for having your ass saved on a daily basis. Some champagne might be nice. Don’t worry, we’ve got that.

Who is your #AdminHero? How do you plan to reward them?

P.S. Your Admin should not order their own gift. Need some help? We got you. Give us a call: 206. 487.6249.




P.S - Fun facts about Jessica:

  •   Her Prius has over 300,000 miles on it.

  •   She was really disappointed when it recently needed a small repair.

  •   She has been in several barbershop singing groups. (When Jess says something was WILD, it usually involved multi-part harmony.)

  •   She went to the CIA and is a bad ass cook.

 Admin professionals day gift baskets, jessica our admin salsa macha chile crisp made in seattle admin gifts

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