Lendy's Best Gift Ever

On Mother’s Day 1972, my brother Kevin decided to make breakfast in bed for my mom. He had been watching the Galluping Gourmet and made a 12 egg omelet filled with fresh strawberries. I have NO idea how he flipped it. Everyone has a sibling who does everything perfectly, and he is mine. I can still see it to this day. Eggs perfectly cooked – a beautiful yellow, ripe sliced strawberries spilling out – my mother’s surprised look (it was huge), and my complete and utter disappointment (no cheese, no whip cream, just berries). 

She immediately offered to share with all, and we had breakfast in my parent’s bed. Pretty sure that the sun was shining, and angels were singing. Then we presented her with our gift. My two brothers and I chose it. My Dad made the purchase, we wrapped it, she opened it…a blender from the Oster company. Top of the line. I imagined the milk shakes that would be made in it.

She kept her game face on and delighted at her blender (better I think than the vacuum we gave her the year before). My mom was a lady who could rock the little black dress, she was an artist, and she had skills everywhere except the kitchen…and we chose – after a great deal of thought – a blender. That one still haunts me a little bit.

My mom would have LOVED Bite Society. Her best day ever was a trip to the gift basket room at the MGM in Vegas. It could be that too many blenders and vacuums made her an exuberant gift recipient. She would have crushed the chocolates in the first five minutes before moving on to salmon, crackers and SnoFrisk, pickles, sauces and cookies. She would have told all her friends about the basket she got from her very thoughtful daughter… and she would have immediately asked me to send more chocolates.

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