Top 6 Ways To Reuse Tins (Plus 1 Good Thing For Chickens)

The food was tasty, and the tins are COOL? Now what? Well, chicken butt.

Recycle them? Gosh, they seem WAY too nifty for that. Goodwill? Yup, we did once find one at Goodwill. Refill? Will the power of positive thinking refill that tin?

We’re working on it.

In the meantime, here are some practical ways you can reuse your Bite Society tins around the house.

  1. Utensil holder in the kitchen
  2. Tea storage
  3. Screws, nuts and bolts storage (you know, the kind used in the shop or garage)
  4. Schoolwork or craft supply storage
  5. Button collection holder
  6. Candle holder or a lantern – for the craftier among us!

What about that fluffy, shredded, natural packing material? Excelsior. Yeah, we had to look it up, too.

That is where the chicken butt comes in. Turns out excelsior isn’t the villain you once thought it was… chickens love it! 

Here is Shana lovingly tucking her chickens into beds of excelsior. (Chickens report increased happiness – not yet sure about egg production.)

Help us celebrate Earth Day (today and every day) by repurposing your Bite Society tins, excelsior and packaging. Do your part for a more sustainable future!

Stay tuned for more stories from the trenches with excelsior and learn different ways to repurpose your Bite Society packaging.

Show us yours! If you upcycle your tins or jars, repurpose your baskets or reuse excelsior, we want to see. Show us what they look like in their newly redeemed glory from gourmet snack vessels to ever-present reminders of the deliciousness you once had. Tag us on Instagram or #hellobitesociety so we can see your masterpiece.

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