Easter For The Cool Kids

easter gift basket
I love Easter. I have such fond memories of epic Easter egg hunts. My Uncle Booker would hide hundreds of eggs, and half of them would be filled with cash. The youngest family members would tackle the low hanging fruit comprised of dozens and dozens of candy-filled eggs in the green lawns, while the teens and adults would hunt for eggs in sportier places. High up in trees, a rusty downspout, old work boots, and in between the cracks and crevices of the rocky beach front property. The tricky spots were where you could find the big bucks and the highly sought after, numbered golden eggs. Once the hunt was over, the lucky recipients of the golden eggs would somewhat impatiently wait to have their number called. The numbers would correspond with gifts like gift certificates, t-shirts, hats, and the luckiest golden egg winners would get a hundred-dollar bill.
easter fun
After the hunt, we assembled for the hard-boiled egg duel. The rule for the egg duel was simple. One must not touch their competitors’ egg with their hands. It was egg on egg contact only. We used a bracket system to advance competitors to the next round. The winner received bragging rights, and man o’ man was it ever competitive! Some tried to use intimidation to win, some tried brute force of smacking their egg against the side of their competitors. I preferred to dance around my component in a nonsensical manner as to try to confuse them. It rarely worked, but it made for good fun.
As we put together Bite Society Easter baskets, all these memories and more came flooding back. For a few moments I was sad that I couldn’t be with a lot of my family this Easter, but then I sent them all a basket and felt a whole heck of a lot better!
Snack Gift Basket
While our baskets may not be filled with cash, the recipients of these baskets will feel like a million bucks. Go ahead, send one today for any adult in your life (including yourself!). We have something for everyone.
- Shana

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