In Time of Need, Roll A Fake Doobie

Hey, you. Yeah…I’m looking at you. I see that desperate look in your eyes. Things are different now, and you need a little help from a friend. Do you have a boss you are looking to impress? A client you want to please? Getting married and want to make sure everyone feels included? Planning a gala or fundraiser and have no clue where to begin? Well, I’m here to help! I handle the corporate and large scale orders for Bite Society.

Creating lasting relationships with clients is what I love most about my job. Together, we can make your event planning fun again! As a former event planner, I thrive on the details. So let’s chat about how best to handle dietary restrictions and the timing of your event. These details make your event unique, and should not be overlooked.

Many of my clients have unique requests that I can help them bring to life. That brings me to the fake doobies. We can’t ship weed, but I did shoot some photos of some post-it note and excelsior* rolled joints fitting nicely in the spot next to the chocolates in our champagne box. I worked with a Nature Conservancy group hosting a conference with farmers in the heartland and mailed boxes to all participants pre Zoom conference. 

Want to include a special note or a wedding favor to the basket? I got you. Want to supply a hat or t-shirt with a corporate logo? I got you. Want to swap out the champagne for a non-alc option for Uncle Bob? I get it and I got it.

Now let me fill you in on a little lesser known secret. You don’t have to select a basket or box directly from our website. Call me. 

Let’s chat about the goals you are trying to achieve. I will create a curated basket that is within your budget and is perfect for YOU. Be reassured in knowing that all of our food and beverages have gone through an extensive tasting process involving our entire team - anything you pick will include a collection of perfectly paired bites.

Let me know when you are ready to schedule a Zoom (or a phone call for those who don’t want to be seen in their pj’s—no judgement!) and let’s get this party started!

Looking forward to working with you!

- Shana

*In case you were curious, excelsior is the product we use to keep your products nestled in and safe as they are shipped to your door. We have a lot to say about excelsior, so stay tuned for future blog posts.

P.S. One more thing, if you happen to be a Seattle local, we can save on delivery costs if you are able to pick up from our SLU location, or we could work out a plan to deliver to one location for a small fee. For everyone else, please make sure to have a complete and accurate address list for your recipients. That’s just about the only thing I can’t help you with! I know where my grandma and colleagues live, but not yours :)

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