Celebrate the Women in Your Life

At Bite Society, everything has a story behind it. We value bringing people together, we appreciate (and know!) good food, and we believe in the power of diversity and equality.

Some may know the driving force behind Bite Society - a team of three women who weathered the storm of what came post March 2020 and worked hard to create something new - a culinary collective to continue to bring people together one badass gift basket at a time, no matter how distanced the world might be. Built on years of catering expertise, Bite Society was created to be a cool kids club in which everyone is invited, respected and celebrated over good tasting food wrapped up in some pretty cool packaging, and sent to those you love.

To celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day on March 8th, Bite Society’s fearless leaders have picked their favorite baskets. Send a bundle of sweetness, a walk down memory lane with a collection of classics, or sampling of perfect bites - these three baskets offer something for every woman in your life. Let them know you celebrate them, appreciate them, and support them - and support a small women-owned business along the way!

Shana’s Favorite – Who’s Your Sugar Daddy

Candy, Candy, Candy, I can’t let you go… Iggy Pop may have been singing about a woman, but every time I hear this song I think of my life-long love affair with the candy that you eat. I eat a LOT of candy. Which is why I created the basket Who’s Your Sugar Daddy”. Whether you tend towards silky-smooth chocolates, long-lasting hard candy, fruity gummy candy, or the breakfast of champions-AKA cookies, this basket has something for everyone or every mood.

In my opinion, a good day starts with a Chocolate Crunch or Vanilla Polka Dot cookie dipped in a steaming cup of coffee. This particular good day continues with hard candy like Violet Honey Drops or Peach Buds during my Zoom meetings, a nice palate cleanser of Gummy Grapefruits after lunch, and I honestly can’t go to bed without savoring a few Fine Chocolates.

Life is sweet, so eat it up!

Katy’s Favorite – The Perfect Bite
If I am sending a basket, I send The Perfect Bite. I lean hard toward savory over sweet and this basket does the same. It offers so many of my favorite snacks and bites.

Here are a few to try:
SnoFrisk + Salmon + Pickled Onions.
Potato Chips + Mayo + Such Good Tuna + Pepperish.
Sister Carol’s Mustard + my favorite Chub (Fennel Pollen).
Benne Wafer + Dulcet Dutch Hollow + Marionberry Jam.

You really can’t go wrong with the flavors in this basket. Round it out with the Vanilla Polka Dot cookies (good thing there are two sleeves because I can put down a shocking quantity of this cookie).

Lendy’s Favorite – Bite Society Collection

I love the Bite Society Collection. The packaging hangs together like a well-decorated room, and it takes me on a walk down memory lane when I pack it for a customer. Bite Society began at the end of March after we closed the doors on our catering kitchen and struck out on a new path. We pickled, baked, and jarred our way to the products we gathered for the Bite Society Collection.

There are some old friends like Kiyomi’s Granola. It was so popular at events that people asked if they could buy it. Our coffee has been roasted by Lighthouse Roasters, just about a mile up the road from us - for 10 years. Our pickled fennel and onions came from our café at the Nordic Museum. Our clients had been loving our Kennebec Potato Chips for years. We worked on our savory pepper relish, Pepperish, in the fall, along with Katy’s childhood favorite: Sister Carol’s Mustard.When it came time to put the baskets together, we surprised ourselves with the bounty we had produced. Each jar, box and tin brings back memories of recipes that clicked delivered in packaging that roars.

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