We Love The Perfect Bite

We love the Perfect Bite. The simple or complicated combination that makes the sum greater than its parts. What makes a good bite? Typically, it is a marriage of opposites. Point and counterpoint. Crunchy with creamy. Salty with sweet. Spicy with anything.

We have been the purveyors of the tiny perfect bite for 25 years. We were the caterers who took every large bite and shrank it into a 1” morsel that looked SO CUTE! We were Instragramable before there was Instagram. We didn’t invent the slider, but we did make it roughly the size of a dime - smaller, cuter, taller, more flavorful, and able to go down in a single bite.

When we planned our baskets for Bite Society we wanted to include bites – big bites. Flavors that worked together. Flavors you could put together in any size. Big, small, pretty or messy. Some are obvious: tea, coffee, granola, honey and jam – no wrong combinations there.

Some are a bit more unexpected: the sweet caramel crunch of a  Benne Wafer with the salty sharpness of an aged cheddar. Our afternoon snack of tuna packed in olive oil with a dollop of creamy mayo and the savory vinegar pop of Pepperish from our Perfect Bite basket. Smoked Salmon, SnoFrisk and Marionberry Jam on a crisp from our Pacfic Northwest basket is a winner every time. Feel free to crack open your own pantry too.

Bite Society’s Salsa Macha on chocolate or vanilla ice cream is both a surprise and a delight for anyone you are feeding. We surprise ourselves regularly. 

This Christmas we indulged in the Holiday Bite basket. We experienced the relief of knowing we had snacks ready to go for drop-by-back-yard visitors, and more than a few items for ourselves. Our new perfect bite is the Dutch Hollow cheese from Beecher’s paired with the Apricot Jam. We tested it until both were nearly gone. Yup. Tasty. It also works with salami and  Pickle Red O’s, but never both together.

As you eat your way through a  Bite Society basket, we hope you will find a few bites on your own.

Have a perfect bite you want to share? Please share with us by tagging us on  Instagram and Facebook @hellobitesociety and #hellobitesociety. We love to see your creations!

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