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Pepperish for the Win!

The snack board is never far from our minds. What cheeses, what cracker or base, what complement for the cheese or the salami? Bob made some pickled peppers…not sure if it was a peck. They were tasty as heck, but we felt they needed a little more to end up in your mouth and not on a shelf. We headed back to the kitchen. Bob took the pickled pepper and added onions, garlic, fennel... and deliciousness was born. Check, check and check - it passed the perfect bite test.

Good on a sharp cheddar? Check.

Good on salami? Check.

Good on a fork straight into your mouth? Check.

What else can Pepperish do? Turns out, a lot.

Here are three quick ideas for experiencing your recently received jar of Pepperish. Feel free to start with these, but don't hold back on creativity.

*Warning: you may need to reorder*

  1. Charcuterie and Pepperish
    Because if you're not eating charcuterie these days, what are you eating? Add Pepperish to any cheese, meat and cracker bite for a little something extra.
  2. Grilled Cheese with Pepperish
    Yup. Pick a bread, pick a cheese, slather with Pepperish and grill in butter. You won’t regret it.
  3. Pasta and Pepperish
    Don’t know what to do with that ½ bag of Penne in your pantry? We do! Go as simple or as complicated as you like. Have some leftover chicken? Some sausage? A bit of veg rolling around the crisper? The Pepperish will tie it all together with some olive oil in a quick pasta that works hot or cold.

We'd love to hear from you! Let us know what kind of masterpieces you've created on your own, and share a photo on Instagram with the tag #hellobitesociety. If this sounds tasty, you can buy Pepperish in our store.


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