Back in a Flash

Our “brand system” is a flash tattoo sheet. Look closely at the background on our website. See the matches? The skull? The dagger? You will find them in our tins, our boxes, our logo. When we need artwork for a new product, we head to the flash sheet.

We wanted packaging that would amuse, have life beyond the last cookie, and tell an American story. Even if you don’t have tattoos, you have certainly spent time looking at the sheets in the window of a parlor. The tigers, the anchors, the hearts, the daggers – when combined on the arms of cooks in our kitchen, they began to tell stories.

We started this adventure with a branding company. Lovely folks. They thought the idea of using traditional American flash as a theme for our artwork was “awesome”! Then they brought back a lot of font-based logos. We wanted things – objects. Many things drawn with lines and colors. They didn’t like our idea of a lion. 

We eventually got a dagger in some cheese. It didn’t leave us with a taste of wanting more. So, we started again.

With tattoo shops closed because of the pandemic, we put out ads for tattoo artists who wanted to design the art for our packaging. We placed ads in Seattle, Portland, LA, Chicago, and New York. We fell in love with the creativity and collaborative nature of artists who design tattoos. We gave them products and ideas, and they gave us art. They took the feedback and changed it. No judgement. No audible scoffs, no eye rolls, no passed notes below the Zoom camera eye. How do you want the lion’s hair? Mohawk? Curlier? What about a monocle? Sunglasses? Four front teeth? We found one artist in particular, who took our vision and ran with it. And he’s still running. Telling stories, dropping in bits of humor and surprises, and adding to our flash sheet. Just the way we envisioned it.We have more, so much more to tell you and show you… and feed you. At Bite Society, we are telling a story, one bite at a time.

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