Welcome to the Bite Society: Blog Entry #1

We feel the need to list everything that took us from involuntary COVID couch-bound caterers to Bite Society basket-shipping, gift-slinging new business owners – a.k.a. “how we spent our 2020 nine month vacation.”

Buckle up. We did a lot.


  1. We closed our catering company because of the pandemic.
  2. We gave our former employees all of the food.
  3. We set the alarm for the first time and locked the door.
  4. We made some really good meals at home.
  5. We walked the dog.
  6. We got bored.
  7. We decided to start something new.
  8. We tested a lot of cookies, mustard, fudge and pickles.
  9. We tasted a lot of food from other makers.
  10. We decided that we couldn’t keep making and eating fudge.
  11. We hired some tattoo artists who were unable to work during lock down.
  12. We chose a name.
  13. We picked a lion as our logo.
  14. We designed some felt baskets… in 3 sizes.
  15. We learned about excelsior.
  16. We got certified to make acidified foods.
  17. We bought a cookie depositor.
  18. We bought some parts for a cookie depositor.
  19. We ate more cookies.
  20. We met some really great makers.
  21. We made mustard from a nun’s 50 year old recipe.
  22. We made some mustards that would make a nun swear.
  23. We made hot sauce that would make a nun smile.
  24. We got two puppies.
  25. We wondered if that was a good idea.
  26. We pickled some things that shouldn’t be pickled.
  27. We pickled some that should.
  28. We got licensed by the Department of Agriculture.
  29. We bought a Labelette labeler.
  30. We bought a flow wrapper.
  31. We wrapped a lot of air while we figured out how to use the flow wrapper.
  32. We designed some cookies that look like tattoos.
  33. We designed some packaging that is truly badass.
  34. We bought a machine that dispenses wet tape. Weird.
  35. We bought a shrink wrapper.
  36. We shrink wrapped everything on Bob’s desk.
  37. We made more pickles.
  38. We made more cookies.
  39. We selected the 6 most delicious chocolates for our chocolate box.
  40. We tried them again to make sure.
  41. We tasted so many salami chubs (that’s a real thing).
  42. We labeled a lot of jars.
  43. We got a bigger warehouse.
  44. We unloaded a container.
  45. We took thousands of photos.
  46. We made 6 versions of Furikake snack mix.
  47. We put up our website.
  48. We packed baskets for shipping.
  49. We welcomed you to the Bite Society.
  50. We realized this is just the beginning.

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