Valentine’s Day 2021: It's Time to Share the Love

Let’s jump into the time machine and think back to February 13, 19XX (don’t mention it if it starts with 20)…
You were opening the box of Valentines that you picked out to address to all of your classmates, and you had a list. EVERY kid got a Valentine from you. And the teacher got the biggest Valentine.
Long into the night a few hours in, you signed those Valentine cards with your name and increasingly shorter messages. BFF, easy. That girl you like-liked, boy you like-liked – those were harder – but you picked the easy names off first.
You also decorated a box and put your name on it with a slot in the top so no one could see who got a bigger Valentine or a small one. When you got home at the end of the day, you could finally open them up. Some people included candy! Some were clearly under the same pressure you were to write one for every classmate, and probably late the night before too. Your friend wrote something funny. The super quiet nerd surprised you by being more thoughtful than a 3rd grader should be. It was a haul – a wealth of love and good wishes and it made you feel good.
Back then, Valentines were for everyone. Galentine’s with your gal pal happened long before it was its own holiday. You might have hoped that cutie in your class took just as much time picking out your card as you did theirs. Your teacher, your mom, dad and schoolmates all got a wink and nod from you for Valentine’s Day.
You’re Sweet. Be Mine. True Love. Be Good.
Gone are the days of hand-decorated boxes covered in hearts and picking out your box of Valentine’s at the store with your parents, but why not bring back the sentiment of making those around you feel special? Everyone could use some love this year.
Back then they were schoolmates, today we call them co-workers. Back then they were classmates and friends that sat next to us all day, today we are distanced with everyone outside our of own households. Back then you shared the love with everyone, today you still can!
Check out Bite Society’s selection of gifts suitable to everyone on your list. 
Send your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, mom, dad, coworker, dog, cat or long distant best friend a Valentine for their mailbox. Let’s put a lot of love into the world this year. You might just be surprised by the quiet nerd.

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