Catering by basket is a little different than catering by tray. I have many memories of slightly tipsy, very tired, sometimes physically soggy (hey, PNW) mothers of the bride thanking me profusely at the end of a long rainy day of wedding and reception. “The salmon was perfect.” “Everyone loved the duck!” and always my favorite: “This was so much better than my niece’s wedding.” When you handed people food or drink, the feedback was universally good and always immediate.

With gift baskets, it takes a little time. It is impossible to build a gift basket and not wonder about the recipient. What will they like most? What will they do with the basket or the tins? Which bites will they share and what will they keep for themselves? Sometimes, I miss knowing their answer.

(Enter a man named Dan)

Dan is a writer and left us a lovely email and review that’s worth sharing:

Incredibly Thoughtful and Delicious Gift Basket

“A very generous and thoughtful client sent me this gift basket to celebrate us working together and it's, to date, one of the best, kindest, and most surprising gifts I've ever received. More importantly (for the sake of this review), it was also the most delicious gift I've ever received. There's not a single item in this gift basket that I found unpalatable. In fact, the item I liked "least" -- the Peach Buds, given I'm not a big fan of peach -- was more delicious than even some of my favorite and typical snacks. As a huge coffee drinker who measures my intake in pots instead of cups, the Ethiopian coffee was rich and smooth. The cookies were buttery and sweet and the nuts were so good that I, admittedly, finished them in a single sitting. There is not a single thing I could complain about after having received this basket, and I'm enormously grateful both to my client and to Bite Society for such a great gift basket. I think I've found the perfect gift for those in my life who are typically hard to shop for, to boot!”


fabric thank you so much gift basket

That thoughtful client Dan mentioned was Fabric Inc on our Thank You So Much gift basket. They typically send our baskets along with their branded mug, showing appreciation for all, nationally and internationally. To Dan, we say thank you for taking the time to make our day. I still miss a slightly tipsy mother of the bride but I invite all of the (tipsy or not tipsy) recipients, to drop us a line and let us know what you loved best.

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