The Dad Who Likes To Cook

Fathers Day Seattle Gift Baskets, For the Dad who Likes to Cook
For those of you who read my Mama Bear blog post know that I am a mother of two beautiful girls, and that being a mama is a role that I have wanted ever since I was 12.
When it came to parenting for my husband however, he had a very serious decision to make. On official date number two, a lovely dinner in Seattle, I laid it all out for him. I told him that I wanted to be married, I wanted to adopt a child, and that I also wanted to have a biological child, and if that didn’t work for him, this probably be our last romantic evening out. We were having a lovely dinner at The Pink Door in Seattle. I literally saw him choke down a bite of lasagna. (Side note: one person at a sitting must always order the Lasagna Pink Door, even if it’s for dessert, it’s that good.) He recovered fairly quickly and basically said that I’d given him a lot to think about.
I don’t think he thought long, because we had already made plans for another date at the conclusion of The Pink Door date. Allan was 36 years old when we met. Years later he told me that he had pretty much given up the thought of being married and having children until he met me. Now that we have children, thinking that he had nearly missed the opportunity to be a father brings a tear to my eye. Allan is such an amazing father to our girls, I can’t imagine him going through life without that experience.
It’s Allan the girls go to when they need something fixed, need help with their iPad, want to play outside, or when they are hungry. Allan is the chef in our house. He loves his grill, and he seems to have a competition with himself to grill multiple species at a time. Our meals regularly consist of halibut, salmon, and steak. A jar of Salsa Macha and Pepperish are always by his side. Aside from the cookies and Lavender Earl Grey tea , those are his two favorite Bite Society products.
Cookies. Allan lives for cookies, especially Oreos. I knew we were on to something good when he first sampled our seasonal Peppermint Crunch cookie. His response was, “I would give up Oreos for these”. From him, that was huge! Our girls know to go to him for treats and dessert, so we created the Sugar Daddy gift basket with him in mind. You will find something for any father in this sweet basket, and lots of treats for the kids.
Sugar Daddy Sweet & Snacky Seattle Gift Basket

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