BS Potato Salad

This recipe is far from what B.S. usually stands for. Whip up a quick side of Bite Society Potato Salad for your next BBQ!

Bite Society Potato Salad

Yukon Potatoes 2 lbs, boiled for 15 minutes and sliced
Shallots 2 each, peeled and finely diced
Enzo Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 tbs
Sister Carol’s Mustard 3 tbs
Champagne Vinegar ¼ cup
Sugar 2 tbs
Fresh Dill 1 tbs, chopped
Hard Boiled Eggs 4 each, rough chopped
Salt & Pepper to taste

  1. Make Vinaigrette-Whisk vinegar, mustard and sugar together. Slowly add oil while heavily whisking to emulsify and combine ingredients
  2. Add Shallots and dill, mix until combined
  3. Add Potatoes, mix until combined and then add eggs
  4. Add Salt & pepper to taste & serve!

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