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We Wanted to make a better gift basket

We are women-owned small batch makers in Seattle, WA. We wanted to take humdrum and dated gift baskets and turn them into modern and celebrated. We paired our favorite recipes with our favorite tattoo artists to make Bite Society Gift Baskets.

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bite Society / About US

Pandemic curve ball

We started 2020 as one of Seattle's biggest catering companies. When the pandemic shut us down, the work began. We loved the kitchen. We loved our customers. We wanted to keep connecting them with good food and good fun. No matter the distance.


We started Bite Society in April of 2020. We reached out to tattoo artists whose shops were closed. We hired them to design our packaging. We tested old recipes and new recipes. We made over 40 products that we combined into Bite Society Gift Baskets.

Reusable Artwork with Treats Inside!

Bite Society Packaging

We took the spirit of the kitchen and put it in a basket. How? We hired tattoo artists to design our packaging. Like a cook's inked up arm, our cookie tins tell a story. Colorful, humorous, or beautiful, they are also reusable, collectable, and hard to put down.


Our original artwork doesn't stop with our packaging. Choose one of our Bite Society original greeting cards to go with your basket. Include your personal message, and we will handwrite it in the card you choose. We have cards for all occasions including: Birthday, Thank You, Congratulations, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's, Get Well, Sympathy, Welcome Back to the Office, and some that are for every occasion.

homemade....aren't we all?

straight From our kitchen

We love to cook. We love to make new recipes. Tweak flavors. Improvise. Mostly, we love making food and sharing food. If you go to any of our houses and open our refrigerators and pantries you will find...a whole lot of Bite Society. We make and sell what we love, and it shows.

Many of our recipes are 20 years old. They have been tested by thousands of diners and appreciated from coast to coast by recipients of our baskets. We call our style, "Interesting without being weird." You may get your palette pushed a little by the Orange-Fennel cookies, but don't worry, Chocolate Crunch will always be there for you. We will help you explore new flavors and always bring you back with some old familiar friends.



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