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we wanted a better gift basket

Your mom is way cooler than you think she is. We know, because our moms are way cooler than we thought they were. At Bite Society, we're small batch makers in Seattle, WA. We paired our favorite recipes with our favorite old school tattoos to make Bite Society Gift Baskets. Our moms and their friends love us. Call us. We'll put our moms on the phone. They will go on and on and on....just like yours.

Dad, What are we getting mom?

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"Found this Mother's Day gift basket for my wife. She's obsessed with the packaging. The kids gave it to her. Dad for the win!"


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Picnic or Brunch for Mom?

At Bite Society, we are split roughly half and half on this question. Some of us are traditional "breakfast in bed" for our mother, while others go for a big family picnic for mom. Good news. We have you covered for both. Mom's Big Ass Brunch is everything you need for a Mother's Day Brunch feast. Picnic with Mom is a spread meant for a picnic in a park or the den floor if it's raining. Unsure? Need to make this perfect for mom? Give us a call at (206) 487-6249. We can help.

A Feast for Mom


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