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Perfect Bite

Perfect Bite


The only thing I remember about the movie was the Perfect Bite line. I didn't remember the movie's name* although, of course, I remembered Barbra Streisand. I was accidentally given credit for the line. Back in the before-times when we catered, we started using the line pretty regularly, and I had to confess that it did not belong to me. So here you have it: the basket with several harmoniously-balanced, perfect bites.

  • Bite 1: Kennebec Potato Chip, Kewpie Mayo, Bonito del Norte Tuna, dollop of Pepperish
  • Bite 2: Smoked Salmon, Snofrisk, Pickled Red O's
  • Bite 3: Rain Coast Crisps, Snofrisk, Sister Carol's Mustard, Fennel Pollen Salmi, Pepperish
  • Bite 4: Benne Wafer, Beecher's Flagship
  • Bite 5: Vanilla Polka Dot Cookie

*The Mirror Has Two Faces


The Perfect Bite has cold pack items that require 2 day flat rate shipping.

On rare occasions, we may have to make a substitution of items in your basket.


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