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Bigger, Better Bitier


Based on the original Bite Basket, Bigger, Better, Bitier abounds with bites that are anything but boring. Start your day with Sumatran Coffee and Kiyomi’s Granola. Build a delicious condiment caddy with Sister Carol’s collection of Mustard and Hellfire and Damnation Hot Sauces. Drizzle Salsa Macha over everything and anything then write and tell us about your favorites. Two straight pickles (Dilly Beans and Chile Carrots) and one Condiment Pickle (Pepperish) will have you puckering up for more. Snack away on Pub Mix and Bob’s Spicy Nuts. Then move into an evening cuppa Tulsi Spice Tea with Orange Fennel, Pecan Dandy, and Chocolate Chipotle cookies all in our signature tins. Then when everyone else has gone to bed, pull out the Sour Octopus and Fine Mixed Chocolates for a midnight finisher.

This basket contains:

  • Sumatran Coffee
  • Kiyomi's Granola
  • Pub Mix*
  • Bob's Spicy Nuts
  • Sister Carol's Mustard
  • Sister Carol's Hellfire
  • Sister Carol's Damnation
  • Salsa Macha
  • Pepperish
  • Dilly Beans
  • Pickled Chile Carrots
  • Orange Fennel Before Dinner Cookies
  • Chocolate Chipotle Before Dinner Cookies
  • Pecan Dandy After Dinner Cookies
  • Vanilla Polka Dot After Dinner Cookies

All of our baskets include your choice of our original Bite Society Cards written by hand with your message. On rare occasions, we may make a substitution of items in your basket.

*May be substituted with Bob's Jalapeño Peanuts or Bob's Dilly Peanuts due to supply chain problems.


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