The Unexpected Thank You

Yesterday, we stopped by our UPS processing center to drop off a Thank You So Very Much basket from Bite Society. While UPS is HUGE, and we are small, at the busiest time of the year they treated us as if we were their largest customer. Every driver, every person in their North Station answered our questions and requests with helpfulness. They crushed it.

When Katy walked into UPS with our lion logo shipping box filled with a gift basket the woman at the desk was a little perplexed.

“You don’t want to send this anywhere?”

Katy, “Nope. It’s for you.”

“So, we aren’t shipping it?”

Katy, “Nope. It is for you and your office."

In that moment, we experienced the thrill of delivering an unexpected thank you. We are about 98% certain that this had not happened before. We may not have made her day, but we definitely made her day better, and it feels good to reward the people who have worked so hard on your behalf.

President George HW Bush was a legendary thanker. If invited for dinner, he sent a handwritten follow up of thanks for being a guest. Famously, he wrote to Frito Lay, his “sincere thanks for all those pork rinds.” He understood the power of an unexpected thank you.

At Bite Society, we have been thinking a lot about thank yous lately. We talk daily about our own gratitude to all of you who ordered at the holiday season. You made a difference. We love what we do. We eat all of our products, we send our baskets to friends, family, and UPS. We love it, but the whole business thing means that we kind of need you to love it…and you did.

You went with the little guys, who in this case are gals, and your efforts were felt. We sent out a shocking number of baskets every day in December, and even into January. So, if we don’t get to you via a thank you note, or call, or a message in the sky, know that you made a difference. 

To those who have ordered from us, posted about us, passed us along to a friend, or just thought, “Hey, that’s cool” we say thank you.





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