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Kennebec Potato Chips

Grown In Washington

Made delicious in the Bite Society kitchen.

Kennebec Chips

Kennebec chips are delicious. Crispy, salty, and oh-so-satisfying. Perfect for a party, as the delivery vehicle for your favorite dip, or a counter-balance to that IPA you're drinking. Why Kennebec Potatoes? They are grown in Washington which is where Bite Society calls home. These chipper potatoes fry crisp due to their low moisture content. They also taste like a potato -- there's some flavor behind that crunch. We slice them medium thin -- somewhere between a Lay and an un-ridged Ruffle. The original Kennebec Chip is Sea Salted.

Eat them truffled

Time to reshuffle the snack drawer as truffle brings some muscle to this chip. Tastebuds in a kerfluffle and looking for some help unraveling this puzzle? We take the Kennebec Potato in all it's potatoey goodness, slice it medium-thin, fry it golden, and toss with truffled sea salt. So good, you'll want to eat them with a shovel.



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