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Easter Gift Baskets

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Time to get Hoppin'

We're Bite Society

Forget the chocolate bunny.

 You need some different, something cool and delicious to celebrate the holiday of baskets. 

Check out our Easter baskets for grown ups. They're full of sweet and savory tasty bites, wrapped up in unique, colorful packaging. Baskets that offer a delightful unboxing experience that will have the adults competing in their own hunt. 

easter baskets for adults

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Easter is about family and friends. No matter how you celebrate, it so much better with food. Hipster Easter? Traditional Easter? Easter Feaster? We got you. Send one to those you love and get one for yourself. Settle in for a long day of snacking and togetherness Easter-style.

Basket o' Treats

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Shana for the win

Shana loves Easter. Read about her Easter Egg duel with a baby tied around her.

Spoiler alert: She crushed it. The egg. Not the baby. The baby is doing just fine. Check out her blog post for more full contact Easter.

Shana's Easter Egg Hunt


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