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Very Vegan
Very Vegan
Very Vegan
Very Vegan

Very Vegan


This Vegan basket includes many Bite Society favorites that can easily transition your Vegan snacker through the day. Start off with a cup of Ethiopian coffee and Kiyomi's Granola.

Mid morning snack? Go for a handful of Bob's Spicy Nuts followed by Peach Buds.

At tea time enjoy Tulsi Spice Tea with a snack board of Truffled Potato Chips topped with Pepperish. Serve some chile carrots on the side. And, try Ines Rosales Crackers with Strawberry Pinot Noir Jam as a sweet follow up to finish your cuppa.

Needing to spice up dinner? Salsa Macha is your go-to condiment. It brings a lovely level of heat and interest to any meal.

On rare occasions, we may have to make a substitution of items in your basket.


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