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The Big Hug

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When life throws those you love a curve ball and you can’t be there to give the big hug, you can send one instead. This is about as big as we go in our basket world. It will get your loved ones through several days of healing, mending, or rebuilding. 

It comes with a large cold pack: charcuterie includes two Salamis, Smoked Salmon, Truffle Mousse Pate; 4 cheese complete the cold pack with an Aged Cheddar Truckle, Cyprss Grove Midnight Moon, Snofrisk, and Smoked Scamorza. Pairings for the charcuterie and cheese include Quince Pate, Sister Carol’s Mustard, and Pepperish. You have a tin of Potato Chips, Benne Wafers (great with that cheddar), and Olive Oil Tortas on which to build your bites. Round things out with Pickled Chile Carrots and Bob’s Spicy Nuts. 
We’ve included Kiyomi’s Granola and Sumatran Coffee for breakfast options. And, you have a Vanilla Polka Dot cookies, Gummy Grapefruits, Violet Honey Drops, and Fine Mixed Chocolates as sweet options. 
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