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Snacks for Manly Men and Beer

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Your dad can do it all: hammer a nail, change the oil in the car, fell a tree, start a fire with a flint, open a bottle of beer with his teeth, and lift heavy things. Support his manliness and love of beer with this basket.

Full of all kinds of manly things for him to enjoy in his man cave while he savors his favorite brew. He can enjoy Salami, Smoked Salmon, and Beecher's Flagship Cheese to put on manly Crackers. Some manly condiments to brighten those bites include Pickled Red Onions, Pepperish, and Sister Carol's Mustard (note: she was no sissy and neither is her mustard). Then you have manly Pub Mix, Potato Chips, and Spicy Nuts that he can eat by the handful. Then Dad can finish off his snackfest with Pecan Dandies because all manly cookies have nuts.

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