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Welcome Back! (To The Office)


Hey Boss,

It's time to start welcoming back your hardworking employees to that foreign place known as the office. They will return to find calendars stuck eternally on March 2020, embarrassingly moldy food in the fridge, and plants far, far beyond recovery. In short, you now have one job, make that first day a celebration. A day that says, "hey, we love having you back." Pop this snacktastic basket over that old calendar and positioned in a way that blocks the dead plants. Throw out the old food while you are there and you are on your way to boss of the year.

This basket will cover your sweet-tooth employees with Lemon Drops and Sour Octopi. It covers your salty snackers with Kennebec Potato Chips. Your tea drinkers will appreciate the Irish Breakfast. And, your cookie eaters will relish the Vanilla Polka Dots and Chocolate Chipotles.

On rare occasions, we may have to make a substitution of items in your basket.


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