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We took a peck of our pickled peppers, added onion and garlic, and got a pepper spread that adds a punch to a cheese board or a sandwich. Or just grab a spoon and dig in. It's a vegetable.

Ingredients: Cherry Peppers, Yellow Onion, Garlic, Vinegar, Sugar, Sea Salt, Fennel Seed, Coriander Seed, Black Peppercorn, Mustard Seed.

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2 Reviews

Schlattastic Apr 13th 2021

More versatile than you might expect!

When I received this, I thought it was going to be more like a pepper jam sort of concoction, but lo and behold, it's a super versatile and light, bright and delicious pepper relish, with a great balance of fennel, vinegar for a little lift, mustard seed, and garlic along with those tasty peppers. Nothing sweet about it. You could easily add this to your fave sandwich, cheese platter, brunch eggs, roasted pork or beef dinner plate, etc, etc, etc. Really great. Try it!

Happy Snacker Apr 12th 2021

Pepperish is a bite builder

This is such a great addition to a cheese platter, a sandwich, a snack plate ... just about everything. Not too spicy, not too anything ... just really really good!

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