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One Hot Vegan

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We all know at least one hot vegan. They fear no flavor, and their hearts beat just a bit stronger than many because...vegan.

Brew yourself a hot beverage and put it in our Born to Raise Hell mug. Then open up Bob's Spicy Nut Snack or enjoy Kennebec Potato chips with a scoop of Salsa Macha Chile Crisp (by the way it absolutely rocks a sheet pan of roasted veggies). Round out a snack platter with some Chile Carrots, Pepperish, and Smoked Pepper Pate. Sister Carol contributes a couple hot sauces here: Hellfire (green) is a jalapeno based sauce; Damnation (orange) is habanero based. Finish off your mouth-warming experience with our Theo's Tumeric Spice Dark Chocolate or a cooling Peach Bud.

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