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Dilly Beans

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A dill pickle and a green bean walked into a bar..we have no idea what happened, but let your imagination run wild.

Ingredients: Green Beans, Vinegar, Water, Onion, Sugar, Yellow Mustard Seed, Salt, Garlic, Pickling Spice, Dill

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1 Review

Schlattastic Jun 3rd 2021

Not just Dilly Beans...These are GOOD Dilly Beans!

You're probably reading this b/c you're like me and can't get enough of pickled everything, right? Well, if you've had Aunt Margaret's dilly beans before and are like, "sure, but what else ya got?" then think again. These are dilly beans with a KICK: chili spice, garlic umph (but not *too* much), fresh dill fronds, and a nice amount of mustard seed to keep it complex and tasty. Not to mention, I was impressed that Bite Society's green beans were pretty choice themselves -- Think slender and pickled fresh, not some jar of overgrown, lumpy, chewy beans that were the leftovers from the bin at the grocery (you know what I'm talking about). All that said, try these. They are crave-ably delicious for fridge snacking, cheese tray accompaniment, or with your next martini.

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