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Dad Deserves Giant Steaks on the Grill (Free Shipping)

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You know your Dad, you have never seen him move as quicky as when someone else makes a move on the barbeque. Doesn't matter who it is: your mom, you, your new boyfriend…he is moving like a gazelle to cut off the path to his kingdom. The man doesn’t cook – he grills.

Our favorite butcher cuts to order 2¼ Inch Thick Delmonico Prime Steaks. And, we have included a lot of options for his grill pantry along with some snacks to enjoy while he babies those steaks to a perfect temperature. Our Delmonico is a New York strip with just enough of the bone to even out cooking in this 24 oz. steak.

Dress dad in a hip apron from ChefWorks (no more silly aprons for this guy) and give him some of our favorite condiments to accompany these gorgeous hunks of grilled perfection. Start Dad of with our Truffled Kennebec Chips while the grill starts to heat up. While he’s thinking about direct and indirect heat and checking the temperature, he can season his steak with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and our Big Salt or go all chef on it with a Ethiopian Coffee Rub.  

While the steak is on he can bowl up of our favorite accompaniments: Pepperish, Sister Carol’s Mustard, Pickled O’s, and make a spicy side of Salsa Macha and Kewpie Mayo. If he decides to toss a salad, we’ve included Enzo’s Aged Balsamic Vinegar…but who are we kidding, that vinegar is for dipping bread.

Dad cannot live by steak alone, so we have thrown in some Pecan Dandies and Chocolate Chipotle cookies. Straight up, he will love this. It’s him. Go for it.

Your Dad Deserves Giant Steaks on the Grill ships in two packages. The steaks ride alone.

Free shipping on this Giant Steak basket.

On rare occasions we may make substitutions in your basket (but never on steaks).

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