Top 10 Reasons to Send a Bite Society Basket to Clients and Employees
1. Our packaging says something about you. You are relevant. This is not your grandma’s gift basket.
2. People love to eat. Chocolates are 2 of Google’s Trending Gift Guides top 10 items.
3. It is possible that your organization is perceived as a bit stogey, old school, out of touch. We get you in touch.
4. Choice: Coffee lover? Tea drinker? Cookies? Spicy food? Trendy food? You can make the gift fit the recipient.
5. We give you something to talk about. Need an ice breaker? How were the Orange Fennel cookies? How about the Chocolate Crunch? What did you think about the nun’s mustard.
6. People love surprises. See the nun’s mustard above.
7. Unboxing. There is a cottage industry devoted to unpackaging gifts. Why? Because it is fun to reach into a bounty of surprises in a basket.
8. You want to be that person or company who sparked such joy.
9. Be memorable. Be the group who sent the package with flash tattoo based packaging and memorably good food.
10. Did we mention chocolate?