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Bite Society Candy, Baby Subscription // Curated Gift Baskets from Seattle Washington / Woman Owned LGBTQ Small Business

Candy, Baby

Candy, Baby.


“Candy is nature’s way of making up for Mondays."


Curated Candy Collection, Curated Candy Collection, Curated Candy Collection. It’s not a tongue twister, but there is something that sounds so right about a monthly delivery of sweets. Let’s call it a sweet surprise. Has anyone ever in the history of mankind and candy not had a little thrill, at least a small smile or an ear busting grin at the sight of 4 kinds of candy delivered monthly…perhaps when you least expect it or exactly when you need it? We get you. We got you. We got you so much, that we have a monthly box of 4 candies ready for delivery to you or the candy lover in your life.


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