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Chub Club Salami Subscription / Bite Society
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Bite Society Subscriptions / Chub Club

Chub Club!

This is the club for those who love a good chub.  Imported? Domestic? Always craft and always curated. This monthly delivery of cured meat is for the serious chub lover. We will take you on a deep dive into a variety salami’s from the mild saussicon sec to the bold chorizo. Whose got the better chub? France, Italy, Spain, or those craft crazed Americans? We invite the chub curious to weigh in.

Not ready for a whole chub? We got you. Try the ½, but does anyone really want ½ a chub?

Each month Chub club members will receive a selection of three cured meats chosen for their similarities, their differences, but always their yumminess.

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