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My Dad, the Grill Master

Posted by Lendy Hensley on

The year was 1970, and the gift was a CueCart bbq. My father’s birthday fell on or near Father’s day for all of his days as a father, so he was a regular recipient of the combination gift. With my mother’s help, we went big. I don’t really know where the inspiration came from, but with three kids and about 8,155 meals under her belt, my mom was ready for some assistance with dinner making.
My dad started grilling burgers and, occasionally, steaks every Friday night. Then he added grilled corn and soon there was no vegetable that could not be cooked on the CueCart. There was endless conversation about indirect heat, direct heat, the position of the coals, and the virtuoso that was the CueCart. Eventually, nearly an entire meal could be made on our patio. He could control the CueCart temperature as easily as an oven!
The CueCart eventually succumbed to the weather and a gas tank, but my dad remained a grill master for life. He added smoke to the mix and scared more than one dinner guest with a charred turkey that tasted far better than it looked. I am pretty sure he would laugh at our giant steaks, and pretty quickly get down to the business of cooking them. Direct for the first 5 minutes, indirect until they were at 105, back to direct for 5 degrees before they were ready to rest. All things are possible with the right steak and the right grill dad.
At Bite Society, we’re here to take care of Dad.
If steak is his thing or snacks are his thing, here are some of our favorite things for the dad who's hungry (yeah we know… that's every dad).


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